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Law Consultation

Consulting Attorney

We offer legal advice and paperwork preparation as a consulting attorney on an as-needed basis for clients, and sometimes attorneys, who need extra set of eyes or hands or targeted expertise in immigration related matters, as wells uncontested divorce matters for self-represented parties in California.

We accept clients on a limited basis, so please contact us to inquire.

What is a Consulting Attorney?

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A consulting attorney does not represent you.  Unlike a traditional retained lawyer, a consulting attorney is not your attorney of record.  As a consulting attorney, we can prepare paperwork for you in your name (often known referred as ghostwriting) and advise you on how to act in your case/court.  However, you represent yourself.


 As your consulting attorney behind the scenes, we will not talk or act on your behalf.  Because you are in control of your case at all times, generally speaking consulting attorneys are limited in their knowledge of the case.  Since you will have direct access and will be the one receiving notices in your case, it is your responsibility to keep your consulting attorney in the know.


A consulting attorney can save you a significant amount of legal fees.  As you hire the attorney by the hour or project, you have much more flexibility on how you wish to use the attorney's services.  A consulting attorney can be used solely for document review, to advise you on a strategy, or to advise you on a particular matter while you go through your case

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Let Us Help You

We provide consulting services that fit your needs. Whether it's document review, advise, or just a second opinion, we can guide you step by step and offer our expertise.

Please contact us to schedule a confidential initial consultation with our attorney. We can explore your options and give you flexibility on how you can get the most from our services.

Any questions? Please reach out!

Contact me by phone, email or via our contact form.

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